About Us


The Experience!

Screamline Studios, founded in 1996, started designing and building haunted houses. We have had a hand in everything from props, sets, costumes, acting, lighting, effects, makeup, management and more when it comes to the haunt industry. The multiple years of experience make us experts in our field. We’ve also worked on several movies, commercials and theatrical productions. These capabilities allow us to design, produce and sell the very best to you. You can feel confident that when you choose to purchase from Screamline Studios the products you are buying have been developed and handled by the best professionals in the industry!



!00% American Made Products!

 Screamline Studios strives to be one of your best sources for High Quality Supplies, Makeup Accessories, and props for all consumers, Effects & Entertainment Industry and Movie Industry. Screamline Studios markets the best products and supplies to meet the requirements of our customers. All of our products are always proudly made in America!


High Quality, Realistic products that Will Last!

Here at Screamline, our products are made by our own hands and are handled with care! We make sure each and every individual customized product is durable and ready to roll; Bringing the most kick-ass and twisted creations to your very own doorstep, while making sure EVERY customer is taken care of! 


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